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PlaqueCards by Cynn

These unique plaques with scenes burned into the wood offer texture and dimension to otherwise traditional watercolor paintings. The high gloss finish makes the colors pop! Those listed are always "IN STOCK" as they can replicated offering one-of-a-kind-versions.

English Countryside #C2
Custom Covered Bridge #D1

Custom PlaqueCards are my latest artistic endeavors! I love working with clients to capture special moments of your lives. I  create plaques commemorating celebrations, milestones,  vacations, and even those intangibles which grow from memories and dreams. Working with personal photos, online imagery, your memories and visions, I will create a durable gift card just for you or your loved ones. Each plaque comes with a hanger, and can be personalized on the back with a  short message, small poem or quote, or a fitting title. 

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