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I like to think of myself as an author's advocate. I have graduate degrees in English, literature, and writing. I have published 7 novels. I've been teaching both academic and creative writing at the undergraduate and graduate levels for over twenty years. I have edited many a manuscript for other writers along the way. However, the most important skill I bring to the table comes from being a published writer and working editor. I understand what it means to be on both sides of this table, and I understand the delicate process of conceptualizing a book.


It is in this capacity that I offer my services--not to be your copy-editor (there are plenty of good ones available)--but to be your coach; to read through your manuscript, get to know you, your characters, to help visualize your landscape, your timescape, and to guide your envisioning, talk through to realize your story to its fullest. If you are in need of this kind of concept editing, I'm your coach.


I have a sliding payment scale depending on each project. I take credit cards, monthly payments, and sometimes bartar services. I can work with you locally, via email, phone, and I can even Skype with you.  Contact me here...let's get this done!

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