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New York Times bestselling author of The Last Ballad, Wiley Cash, had the following to say about Things That Women Do, “Layered, beautiful, necessary: [this] is a novel that is just as complex as the women it portrays.”

Vicki Lane, author of the Elizabeth Goodweather Full Circle Farm Mysteries, remarked on the free-spirited women that populate Chadwick’s novel “With their entangled families and family secrets, [the characters] make for an enthralling story of love and hate, loss and redemption—and the sometimes startling things that women do.”



"There is a sincerity to Chadwick's narrative and voice that carries the reader along." - Lambda Book Report


"Torn between familial ties, personal dreams and desires, the complex passionate characters created by Ms. Chadwick help make for a compassionate and compelling read."- EXP Magazine


"Downright comfy...A gentle tale of self-discovery, infused with uncommon emotional complexity and integrity." -Q Syndicate Book Marks


"In Lush lyrical language, Cynn Chadwick weaves tales of lifelong friendships, families searching for unique ways to share love, and quirky Southern communities." Karen Essex, author of Leonardo's Swans


"Chadwick casts a net of deceit so thinly veiled it is barely perceptible, until it leaves the whisper of truth in your ear and the kiss karma on your cheek..." - R.E. Bradshaw, author of The Rainey Bell Thriller Series


"What a delicious tale of spite, scandal and suspense, with smart and sassy revenge to boot."- Fay Jacobs, author of For Frying Out Loud













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