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Updated: Feb 18

FINDING MARTHA ANNE, The Incorrigible Rogue Part II

I spent last weekend at the Amelia Island Book Festival, a terrific event for authors and readers, alike. I enjoyed myself, I really did. I enjoyed meeting fellow authors, all with stories, I enjoyed the beach, the wine and cheese meet and greet, spending time with an old friend, and hanging out with my Elenna and Andy, mostly.

But, I realized something else about myself the writer/author. As each potential book buyer paused at my table and asked about my novels, all eight of them between us, I was at a bit of a loss to describe my characters and plots. I had to dig for them in my memory and search the back blurbs to remind myself of what they were "about" and which character was featured in which book. It's hard to remember stories you made up ten or twenty years ago.

And, what I was mostly thinking about was my next book, "The Incorrigible Rogue". What I would've been eager to discuss was this next plot, this next character, and the urgency within me, pushing me to go live in an old English Manor House, possibly owned by the Mill owner whose son, supposedly possibly (perhaps), "got her pregnant" at fifteen. I don't know, it's a big "What If" ask any fiction writer about that one.

I'll be minutes' walk from where Martha Anne lived and worked, near a road called Betty Nuppy Lane, named for a woman, a rumored "witch" with whom Martha Anne was friendly. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, or even what I'll find, but given all the "signs" I've faith in the calling.



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