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Updated: Feb 17

"The Incorrigible Rogue" Part 1:

One great-granddaughter's quest to bring redemption to her maligned great-grandmother, over 100 years later.

In just a couple weeks, I'll be leaving to spend 10 days in my family's hometown of Rochdale, England. I'm going to search for my great-grandmother, Martha Anne Ashworth-Chadwick, a woman I'd never met, who died long before I landed on this planet, but whose presence in our family loomed distinctly.

She was described as a "rough" woman, a "whore", "vulgar" and "crude", a "feisty fighter", and the family deemed her an "Incorrigible Rogue".

"She got herself pregnant at 15," they'd condemned, "by the Mill Owner's son" they'd blamed, and I'd accepted this about her.

But I started doing some digging. I learned some things about her, about her circumstance, the place and time she lived, and I started reconsidering those stories about my great-grandmother, this Martha Anne Ashworth, an alleged "Incorrigible Rogue" and wondered...or was she?

I'm on my way to find her.



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